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Fitted Blinds

Fitted blinds Ilford
Beautiful & custom made

If there’s anything to learn from years working in the blinds industry, it’s that a well-fitted blind can be a game-changer for your home. It’s not just about blocking light or maintaining privacy; it’s about the personality and ambiance that only perfectly-fitting blinds can bring to a room. So, that’s why Ilford Blinds is your one-stop-shop for a reliable and high-quality blinds service. Buckle up and keep your eyes on the prize – your beautiful new blinds!

Advantages of Professionally Fitted Blinds

As a seasoned pro in the window treatment industry, let me share a secret with you: a blind is only as good as its installation. If you’ve spent hours choosing your perfect blinds only to get the fitting wrong, it’s like buying a Ferrari and using it as a lawnmower. Sure, it’ll do the job, but you won’t be getting the most out of it. So, let’s talk about the benefits of getting your fitted blinds installed by professionals.

1. Perfect Measure and Fit

Trust me, nothing says ‘professional’ quite like a blind that fits like a glove. That’s where our measuring and fitting service comes in. We ensure your blinds not only fit your windows but also your lifestyle. It’s not just about getting the dimensions right; it’s about understanding how you live, how light enters your space, and how your blinds can enhance your home.

2. Hassle-free Experience

We all love a good DIY project, but when it comes to your window blinds, do you really want to gamble? The thought of handling a drill or screw can be intimidating for many (myself included, but don’t tell anyone). With Ilford Blinds, you won’t have to lift a finger. We offer a hassle-free service that ensures your blinds are installed correctly, quickly, and efficiently. Plus, we promise to tidy up after ourselves – no lost screws, no mess.

3. Wide Range of Options

As window treatment enthusiasts, we understand that a blind can do so much more than control light. It can transform your space, reflect your style, and even help with thermal control. Whether you need blackout blinds for your bedroom, conservatory blinds for some extra warmth, or pleated blinds for a touch of elegance, we offer a huge range of fitted blinds tailored to your specific needs.

4. Expert Advice

What type of blind works best for a south-facing room? What colour will complement your space? How do you maintain your blinds? These questions and more can be answered by our experts who have years of experience in the field. We’re not just here to sell you blinds; we’re here to guide you through the process, offering expert advice and tips every step of the way.

5. High-Quality Results

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, when you choose professional installation, you’re guaranteed a high-quality finish. We’re so confident in our service, we bet our reputation on it! With Ilford Blinds, you’re not just getting a blind; you’re investing in a service that values quality, customer satisfaction, and the perfect fit.

In the end, it’s your home, your windows, and your choice. But remember, at Ilford Blinds, we’ve made it our mission to ensure your blinds are more than just a window dressing. They’re an integral part of your home’s character, and we’re here to make sure they fit perfectly. So, why not give us a call and see what we can do for you? I promise, your windows will thank you!

BLINDS Products

Why Ilford Blinds Made to Measure Blinds are a Perfect Fit

Just like a fine suit, blinds should fit perfectly. At Ilford, our made to measure blinds aren’t just any blinds. They’re the fitted blinds you’ve always dreamt of. Tailored to your exact measurements, these are not your run-of-the-mill, off-the-rack blinds. And the best part? You don’t need a toolbox or a DIY degree to install them. No drill, no screws, just a simple fit frame, and voila! Your windows will thank you.

Whether you’re team roller blinds, prefer the classic venetian blinds, or can’t get enough of the cosy vibes wooden blinds provide, Ilford Blinds is here to cater to your unique taste. Trust me, your patio doors will feel the love too.

Swatch This: Free Samples at Your Fingertips

If you’re anything like me, choosing a colour or texture for your blinds can be a bit like picking a favourite child. Impossible, right? Thankfully, at Ilford Blinds, we have a rainbow of choices. From ash to taupe, and the trending anthracite grey, to our personal favourite, a dash of ochre for a bold statement, we’ve got you covered. Need some help deciding? Take advantage of our free samples service. No, this isn’t a ‘try before you buy’ ice cream parlour, but we like to think it’s just as exciting.

Turn Night into Day with Our Blackout Blinds

Now, we can’t control the sunrise or tell the neighbourhood cats to keep the midnight serenades down, but we can offer a solution – our blackout blinds. Available in a range of perfect fit blinds, these babies will give you the “great night’s sleep” badge you’ve been missing out on. Plus, they’re easy to fit, so say goodbye to restless nights and hello to sweet dreams.

A Blind for Every Room, A Style for Every Mood

From your living room to your bedroom, we have a blind type for every need and a huge range for every mood. Need some warmth in your conservatory? Try our conservatory blinds. Want a trendy solution for your uPVC windows and doors? Our perfect fit blinds are just what you need. Or perhaps you want to add some stylish elegance to your French doors? Our pleated blinds will do the trick.

The Beauty of Custom Made & Effortless Installation

When we say custom made, we mean it. Our measuring and fitting service is an integral part of what makes us stand out. And don’t worry about breaking a sweat; we’ll take care of the fitting. We’ve done it so many times, we could do it blindfolded. However, for safety reasons, we promise to keep our eyes open. So, book an appointment and leave the rest to us.

Finish Your Windows with our Range of Shutters and Curtains

Yes, we’re all about blinds, but we also understand that sometimes, you want a bit more. So, we’ve added a stylish range of shutters and curtains to our repertoire. Whether it’s the chic solid shutters, flexible tier on tier shutters or our beautiful eyelet curtains, we’ve got your windows covered, literally!

So, why wait? With Ilford Blinds, a world of beautiful, high-quality, and perfectly fitted window treatments awaits you. I could talk blinds all day, but wouldn’t you rather experience the magic firsthand? With our unbeatable service and exceptional range, your windows will be the talk of the town. After all, home is where the blinds are!

‌ Our aim is to give people looking for fitted blinds in the locality the best possible service and after sales care together with an exceptional quality product at the absolute best prices available. Custom Fitted Blinds are an independent blinds company, we source our products from some of the UK’s best and biggest national companies to make sure our customers get the best window treatments on the market. If you’re looking for fitted blinds, please try our price estimator to give you a pre-appointment, ‘supplied and fitted’ quotation.‌

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