Perfect Fit Blinds

Stylish and simple, Perfect Fit blinds provide a beautiful way to manipulate shades and colours within your living environment. They offer you privacy while beautifully filtering the light entering your room.

Because Perfect Fit blinds can use pleated blind fabrics there are many textures, fabrics and finishes to pick and choose from. There are special performance materials designed to help regulate the rooms climate by preserving the warmth during the winter and cutting down excessive heat in the summer. There are also optional materials with blackout and flame retardant attributes. A beautiful selection of sheer textiles are also available making Perfect Fit blinds a modern and sophisticated replacement for net curtains.

Perfect Fit blinds are totally versatile so can be installed in various kinds of situations. They are very popular in conservatories and on windows and doors that will be opened up regularly with the blind still in place. Perfect Fit blinds use a “drill-free” system, they are secured with brackets that snap into the frame of the window. Perfect Fit blinds are only ever applicable for UPVC doors and windows.

Perfect Fit Blinds have no cords and chains dangling from them which makes them brilliant for children friendly environments. A further benefit of this is the uncluttered look they will give to your window.

Pros – Perfect Fit Blinds
  • Made available in performance and climate control textiles.
  • Child Safe.
  • Drill-free fitting.
  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • Clean lines.

Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds are installed inside the window frame and can be colour coded accordingly to match up to the host window frame. The Perfect Fit frame assembly has wires concealed within, the blind fabric has tiny holes along the edges so the blind can be simply adjusted up and down the wires. The blind is adjusted using a handle fitted discreetly to the bottom bar of the blind which eliminates the need for a cleat and cord system.

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